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The following proceedure will give you an indication of the process that we go through for a typical boundary survey. We are always flexible in our approach and implimentation of all our surveys. We also offer many types of surveys other than this typical boundary survey. Please see our page on "Types of Land Surveys"  for a more complete list of services.
  1. Contact-The Client contacts Elliott Surveying for a free estimate using phone or e-mail.
  2. Free Estimate- The preliminary free estimate is prepared and enables the client and surveyor to begin communication. This free estimate is an indication of the final scope and cost of the survey.
  3. Additional Documents and Site Visit- Many times it is at this stage that additional public records of the property are researched. (i.e. deeds, easements, court cases, title history, plats, legal descriptions, county assessor maps and county clerk records). This is the perfect time for the client and the surveyor to meet at the property and review the scope of the survey.
  4. The Proposal / Contract- The Proposal / Contract phase reflects the final agreed upon terms of the survey. The final price, the projected time frame to compleation, and the scope of work, are addressed at the Proposal / Contract phase. The contract also states the not-to-exceed price, downpayment, and financial terms of the survey.
  5. Compiling Documents- This step includes compiling all deeds and legal descriptions of the surveyed property and all of it's neighboring properties (adjoiners). In many surveys a local abstract and title company is retained to research and gather the property documents. These documents are then entered into a computer drafting program (CADD) and the data is used to aid the field surveyor in the search of property corners and monuments.
  6. Verify the Progress of the Recorded Documents- This is normally the most time consuming phase of a boundary survey. We will monitor the delivery of these documents and follow up on time commitments. To assure timely completion and accuracy of the survey, title commitments and supportive documents must be made available by the title company and others.
  7. Field Survey- The field survey begins at the property and the neighboring properties. Elliott Surveying uses state of the art equipment! We also follow national, state and local laws, regulations and standards that apply to the survey of the property. Missing boundary corners are positioned as needed.
  8. The Survey Plat and/or Legal Description- The Survey Plat and/or Legal Description are finalized using the computer drafting program (CADD). The final documents and drawings go through our standard quality analysis and quality control (QA/QC) process to make sure that the final product meets our high standards. These documents and drawings are then delivered to the client and/or filed with the proper government authority. The final fees are collected at this time.
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