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Elliott Surveying can execute the following categories of surveys. We have included a brief description of various survey terms for your benefit.

Property Boundary- This survey helps determine the exterior boundary of a property and the exterior boundaries of the neighboring properties that contact the surveyed parcel. This survey helps remove any overlaps or gaps that may exist between properties.
  • An existing boundary plat (drawing) can be updated and missing corner monuments can be replaced in a boundary survey. A boundary plat (drawing) can be made using the legal description (written exterior description) that is normally located with the deed (document that transfers property interest) and physical evidence on the property.
  • Sometimes the legal description is written as a metes and bounds description (distance and direction) and sometimes it is written as the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), Rectangular Survey System, also known as the section system with aliquot (even) parts.
  • Sometimes an American Land and Title Association (ALTA/ACSM) boundary survey is requested to meet finance requirements.
Topographic Survey- This is a three dimensional portrayal of the ground and/or the location and measurement of other objects (such as buildings) that are on the ground. This survey can also incorporate a property boundary as it exists at the time of survey. Only existing property corners are shown and apparent property lines from a previous survey can be noted. Other surveys that may fall in this category include utility, as-built, improvement and photogrametry surveys. These surveys are sometimes used for engineering purposes.
Easement Survey- This survey can document existing easements or be used to establish a new easement. Right-of-Way surveys fall within this category.
Improvement Location Report (ILR)- In the past these reports were referred to as Survey Inspection Reports (SIR). These reports are normally issued to a title, abstract or escrow company or a lending institution for their limited use in determining insurability and land value.
Construction Survey- This survey performs measurements during the construction of roads, lot subdivision, buildings and other construction projects.
Subdivision Survey- This survey divides a parcel of land into smaller parcels and is controlled by New Mexico Subdivision Regulations and various county and municipal subdivision regulations.

Water Right Surveys – The NM State Engineers Office requires special surveys to document beneficial use of underground and surface waters in New Mexico.  Elliott Surveying is qualified and experienced in surveying and documenting water use and water rights.

Mining, Mineral and Mine Reclamation Surveys – The mining community requires surveyors that have knowledge and experience in mine related surveys. As an adjunct professor at the New Mexico School of Mines we are qualified for all aspects of associated mining surveys including underground surveys.

Elevation certificates and LOMA Surveys for FEMA flood requirements are a specialized survey to meet requirements imposed by FEMA. We have a certified Flood Plain Manager review all of our flood related surveys.
Global Positioning System (GPS), Control Surveys and Global Information System (GIS) surveys are performed upon request.
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