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ALTA (American Land Title Association) Surveys in New Mexico including the Albuquerque and Santa Fe Areas - Elliott Land Surveys


An ALTA is a land survey that is prepared to specific national standards. The ALTA survey provides information to the lender, buyer and title insurer about the present and future use of the land. It also reports restrictions, encumbrances and benefits that come with possessing the property. It is a survey map that provides the information that is required for important real estate decisions.




Elliott Land Surveying Company provides ALTA/ACSM (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping) surveys throughout the State of New Mexico and specifically services the Albuquerque-Santa Fe metropolitan area. If you face an important decision about the purchase or use of property then an ALTA survey is recommended. You need reliable information to make a reliable decision!




You may think of an Elliott ALTA Survey as a boundary survey, a title survey, and an improvement location survey wrapped in one convenient package.






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ILR (Improvement Location Report) in New Mexico and the Albuquerque-Santa Fe Areas - Elliott Land Surveying


Those associated with the land title profession, the lending industry and the real estate business will at times need an ILR. These reports are performed by Elliott Land Survey.




An ILR is a narrative description associated with a sketch which is supplied only to a title company, escrow company, abstract company, mortgage company or a lending institution for their exclusive use.The information is used to help determine such things as insurability or value of a property. The ILR is never represented by a surveyor as being a property boundary survey. These reports are not intended to be used by the owner or purchaser as a substitute for a boundary survey. If a boundary survey is required we recommend an Elliott ALTA Survey.


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