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You can be assured that you are hiring someone that you can depend on when you employ Elliott Surveying. Letters of reference can be provided upon request. The following are excerpts from recent character reference letters:

 I have noticed that his interest in surveying extends beyond merely satisfying the demands of his job.  

I would not hesitate to recommend him as a surveyor for any project.


He has very strong organizational skill and is very precise with his work.


He is someone I would highly recommend.


When he says he will do it, he does.


During our time of working together, I found him to be an honest man with great integrity.

  When he commits to a job, it will get done.
As an engineer and end user of work from Elliott Surveying. I appreciate Russell's professionalism, integrity and attention to detail. 

Thank you for taking on our projects, and for your prompt and very professional performance on our boundary survey and our new subdivision.

I did not think our boundary could be determined. Elliott Surveying was able to locate our boundary to our satisfaction and our neighbors satisfaction.

Quality will be noticed long after the project is complete and price is forgotten.
 Quality is never an accident. It represents the sensible choice, and is the result of high intention.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Russell believes in professional educational requirements for surveyors and engineers. A profession requires intellectual knowledge combined with hands on training. In keeping with this belief, Russell teaches basic surveying at New Mexico Tech. He teaches surveying to all civil engineering and mining engineering students.This teaching position requires one day per week. He continues to provide Full-Time service to his private clients at Elliott Surveying.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (also called New Mexico Tech) is noted for its undergraduate and graduate school opportunities. New Mexico Tech offers bachelor of science degrees in technology, the sciences, engineering, mineral and mining engineering. It also offers graduate degrees at the masters and doctoral levels. New Mexico Tech is considered one of the best small science and engineering schools in North America.
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