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phone:     505-280-6729
fax:    1-888-564-0138
Elliott Surveying is devoted to providing precise, honest and quality surveying in the State of New Mexico.
One phone call to Elliott Surveying is all that is required to begin your land survey request. We are pleased to coordinate your survey with Title Companies, Law Firms, Banks, Lenders, Real Estate Firms and anyone associated with your property, development or real estate transaction.  We make it easy for our clients to request and receive a survey estimate.
By requesting a survey estimate, you are not obligated to use Elliott Surveying. You are simply providing us with the information necessary to prepare a proposal outlining services, pricing and time parameters. This survey estimate is prepared FREE of charge. To request this estimate simply call or E-mail.

Elliott Surveying provides service to the entire State of New Mexico. As a husband and wife team, when needed, we bring our office to your location. This provides you with personal on site surveyors. We specialize in rural New Mexico and have the ability to set up in remote areas with our own power and internet services. There is no down time for driving to and from the job site to the office. When necessary, we bring the office to you. We have also surveyed in (or near) almost every small and large city in New Mexico. We are truly,  "The Local Surveyor Near Your Property". 

We have several staging and mailing address areas in New Mexico.  
                                          Mailing  addresses are available upon request.

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