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How do you protect the environment?

Elliott Surveying is mindful of reducing waste and improving everyone’s quality of life by offering energy efficient surveys. We advocate environmental accountability and sustainable Land Developments that use less energy, water and natural resources. We adhere to Green building practices as promoted by “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) and the “US Green Building Council” (USGBC).


How do you respond to Safety and Health Standards?

Elliott Surveying endeavors to reduce worker injury and illness at the survey location through training and safety meetings.  We provide all field staff with appropriate (PPE) personal protective equipment mandated by (OSHA) the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Do you have HAZWOPER training?

Our surveyor takes the annual 8 hour refresher for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standards (HAZWOPER) training administrated by OSHA. This annual refresher course provides training for recognizing and identifying potentially hazardous locations and construction sites. It provides rules for a safer work environment.


Does Elliott Surveying have insurance?

Our first response is to always promote quality and professionalism. This philosophy offers the best type of insurance to our clients. We also maintain General Liability Insurance as well as Professional Liability Insurance.


How does your company keep up with continuing education?

Our aspiration is to continually expand our knowledge base about Surveying and to stay up-to-date on new developments and technology. Annually we attend workshops and seminars that offer continuing education units. We also attend University credit granting courses and association training such as those offered by the ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager Program (CFM) and the New Mexico Professional Surveyors Association (NMPS).


Is it true that a 4 year college degree is required to become a NM surveyor?

Yes, a number of years ago the New Mexico Legislature enacted a requirement that new professional surveyors obtain a 4 year degree in conjunction with other requirements. Many of NM's practicing surveyors without a university degree were grandfathered-in at that time. New surveyors need to obtain a 4 year degree. New Mexico State University offers such a degree. You can contact Russell Elliott and he will be pleased to advise you as to the procedure to become a professional surveyor in New Mexico. Mr Elliott obtained his degree when he was 39 years old and was one of the first graduates from the survey program at NMSU.

Does Elliott Surveying offer mine surveys?

Russell is an adjunct professor at New Mexico Tech also called the “New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology”. He teaches basic surveying to engineering and mining students. This gives our company unique exposure to engineering technology in the fields of mining, geology and petroleum exploration.

Does the fact that Russell is a University Adjunct Professor at NMT affect his survey business?

Yes, it does affect the business of Elliott Surveying. Mr Elliott teaches and trains engineering students in the science of Geomatics (surveying). He is also exposed to new technology, new ideas and professional ethics as a adjunct professor. He brings high standards, education and knowledge to his survey projects.

Does Elliott Surveying enter into client confidentiality agreements?

Elliott Surveying believes in client confidentiality. We are willing to negotiate and enter into a formal agreement of confidentiality when requested. 

Does Elliott Surveying offer 3-D laser scanning services?

Yes, 3-D laser scanning is useful in engineering projects such as industrial design and as-built surveys. A point cloud of samples is reconstructed into its physical geometric shape. Multiple scans from different directions are usually required. The lidar data is processed into a triangulated mesh using a CAD, computer-aided design model. This technology is changing rapidly. Elliott Surveying will obtain the latest equipment for these specialized projects.


Do you offer GPS and laser machine control on construction projects?

The most import aspects of machine control for construction sites is the underlying topographic mapping, the project design and the communication links used in the machine control. Rusty Elliott is qualified to provide consulting and survey data for these projects.


What is GIS and do you offer GIS services?

GIS, geographic information system, is a system designed to capture, manage and present geographically referenced data. GIS is the integration of mapping, statistical analysis, and database technology. The foundation of GIS is dependent on solid mapping which Elliott Surveying offers. We are also familiar with ESRI ArcGIS 10.

How can you compete with local survey prices when you come in from out of town? 

Our customers know how difficult it can be to hire a local surveyor in rural New Mexico. We decided to give rural areas a second choice, Elliott Surveying. With new technology we are able to obtain local documents and records via the internet. We arrive on site prepared with the proper documentation for the survey. We follow up with our completed records and plats via email, internet and personal cell phone calls. Our rural clients are extremely pleased with our service and find our prices are competitive with other surveyors.


Can you compete with local survey companies on large survey projects (construction projects, subdivisions, ranches)?

Definitely! We have a mobile-office equipped with the latest technology. When we arrive at a project we have a fully equipped and functioning mobile-office as well as a place to live. We can be on site within hours, any where in New Mexico. As a husband-wife team we are ready to stay until the project is complete and you are satisfied.

What is the best way to contact Elliott Surveying and talk about a survey or cost?

Call us at   505-280-6729          or e-mail us at

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