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Russell Elliott provides quality land surveys, property boundary surveys, subdivision surveys, mortgage surveys, topographic maps and construction surveys. This survey company is a small husband and wife team that offers only high quality surveys. Russell is commited to offer old fashioned,  personal service using the latest technology throughout the great state of New Mexico.
 Competent-   In our Knowledge and Education
 Quality-   In our field Surveys and Deliveries
 Professional-   In our Relationships and Ethics
 Reasonable-   In our Prices and Delivery Dates
 Negotiable-   In our willingness to Communicate 
                              and  Understand   
Russell is a graduate of the school of engineering at New Mexico State University and holds a bachelor's degree in Surveying as well as a bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico. He has worked a number of years for national engineering firms as a field surveyor and project manager. This combination of survey education and a wide exposure to all aspects of surveying gives him unique qualifications.

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